So here is my back bumper where I was rear ended today…My poor Alice. 

And also there is a picture where my tail light was stuck to her head light. 

I am glad nobody was hurt, Just kind of sucks how everything turned out. At least I don’t have to pay for the repairs and as far as I can tell there is nothing super majorly wrong with the car. It all look very cosmetic. 

God was really watching over us today. 


OK so I know this doesn’t mean a whole ton to everybody, but I made 20 recommendations today at work!

Ok I work at a Call Center where we recommend Colleges to people who sent in their information online saying they were interested in going back to school.

ANYWHO Every Recommendation I make the colleges give me $2.50. So multiply that by 20 and that is how much I made today in sales. 

The most I’ve ever done before was 17 then BLAM! I made 20 and I was so excited! STILL AM! 

OK well that’s what I’ve got for today. YAY ME!


A friend of mine (lets call you Angie)comes to me and is worried about an upcoming event that her and another person (lets call her Suzy) she has great friction with might be attending. 

Angie tells me her concerns and of all the things Suzy is telling those who mention that they associate with Angie. Suzy is telling people not to hang out with Angie because of (INSERT RUMOR HERE). Angie tells me that she is worried that Suzy will do her best to viciously cause problems for me in my social life and spread rumors about me, if I invite Angie and tell Suzy that I associate with her.

I think this over and told Angie that if Suzy sees it fit to try and control who I hold as friends and feels the need to spread vicious rumors about me than she is a person i do not need in my life. As for any other relationships she feels the need to try and break up in my life and if that person she is trying to take from me allows her to do so, then I don’t need that person either. I believe that if Suzy feels the need to show this sort of behavior towards me and those I care about than it is a great way for me to “thin out the herd” so to speak. Which is fine with me. But if Suzy decides to be civilized and mature with my decision to be friends with Angie then we will have no problems. 

ANYWHO! I discussed this issue with two other mutual friends (lets call them Pam, and Jessica) Who are also involved in this upcoming event and we came to an agreement. As much as we care for all parties involved We will not tolerate any rude, or cruel behavior such as talking bad about another party/gossip. I asked these girls if they would back me up if I had to send someone home in this instance. They agreed. 

Now when I say send someone home I mean by calmly approaching them and saying something along the lines of “I understand you have your own opinions of this person, but some of us here still enjoy that person’s friendship and company, and would greatly appreciate it if you didn’t say such mean things about them here.”

If that doesn’t work. “Look this is supposed to be a happy and celebratory event of us and our friendships together. This is not the place for that kind of behavior. we do want you here and we do enjoy your company, but if you are going to be acting like this, then we don’t need you here.” 

I would like some input from anyone who might have an idea of a better way to handle this sort of stuff. Thanks guys. I want this upcoming event to be a wonderful celebration of us and our uniqueness and beauty. I just wish this wasn’t an issue. 

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